Monday, June 19, 2006

Missing the Weekend

We had a great weekend. Chris had to work Fri., and I needed to go to campus for some help with my class, so my mom came over to play with Caleb. We headed to Tyler, and while I was having no fun with my prof, Mom and Caleb played at the park for a while and then checked out the lake on campus and played with the ducks (quack! quack!). Nothing like being spoiled by Nana! Then we had lunch at Olive Garden where Caleb tore up some salad, bread, and spaghetti. It's hard to believe he can handle his own plate already! His favorite food, I think, is spaghetti, and he stuffs himself when he eats it! He was so cute Fri. that Mom had to get her camera out and take pics!

After Tyler, Mom had to head home; luckily Caleb had conked out on the way home, so all I had to do was put him in his bed. (No fighting to take nap!) Then I got to work on my school work. We had VBS program Fri. evening. Caleb loved the music but got restless when anyone spoke. He was so cute getting his certificate! Of course, after he got his, he thought he needed to take some little girl's too!

Sat. was relaxing. We didn't do anything! That NEVER happens! It was raining and a great day to stay inside and watch movies. Too bad I had to finish my assignment! I finished by lunch though and got to watch a chick flick while Caleb was napping and Chris was studying for his sermons.

Yesterday, Chris preached at a church outside of Nacogdoches. His friend is the preacher there, but he was out of town. We had been to this church before, so it was nice to see the people again. They're so nice! Caleb had a big time in the nursery. There was another boy about his age there, and they played trucks together. We went to Lufkin for lunch. Caleb was a sleepy terror during lunch. He fell asleep as soon as we got back in the car. Too bad we didn't have a relaxing lunch! We drove around exploring while he slept, and I got to do a little shopping (no luck!) until he woke up. Then we decided to let him run some of his energy off. There's a little play area in the Lufkin Mall, and he thought he was such a big boy! He ran around with all those kids and had a big time. When some big kids started acting crazy in there, it was time to move on. There's also an arcade in the mall. We thought he might like to ride those little trucks/bus/etc., but he really didn't like it yesterday. But, there was this balloon thing that he loved. It's just like a cage with tons of balloons in it, and fans blowing them all around. He had a blast chasing those balloons and running around. Luckily, he only popped one!

After church last night, we headed to our niece Emily's birthday party. She turned 5 yesterday. It was crazy and loud, and it was just family! So much for a peaceful Father's Day! I think Chris enjoyed his day even though it was busy. It's kind of hard to celebrate on the road!

Now I'm wishing I had one more day to hang out with my family. Oh well, back to the grinding stone!

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