Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello, Evan!

My sis-in-law (brother's wife) had her baby yesterday! Little Evan showed up yesterday afternoon and weighed 7 lb, 13 oz. and was 18 in. long. He's too cute! We went to see him at the hospital last night when I got off work. I was holding him and trying to remember Caleb being that small! Time flies! Emily is a proud big sis. She even has the shirt! I'll have to remember my camera tomorrow so I can post some pics. Caleb didn't know what to think about the baby. He doesn't have the whole gentle thing down too well yet, so he didn't get to come near Evan! Every time he'd come over, he'd try to swing at him to pet him like he does the dog! Luckily, he and Emily were distracted by my brother's hospital bed. They found the button on the end that makes it go up and down. That was way more fun than playing with a baby! We finally had to unplug the bed, or it would have never ended! I wish we lived closer to them. I could just cuddle with Evan all day!


Chelsea said...

Awww, Congrats to your bro, sis-in-law and YOU Auntee Julie!!! I'm so glad to hear you and Chris are doing so well! Caleb has gotten SO BIG! At the rodeo, the other day, Me, Theisa, and Genea saw a baby that looked IDENTICAL to Caleb when he was, like, 2 months! I mean, they could've passed as twins, he was so cute! I've just set up my blog. I have this one, xanga, myspace, tirpod, hi5, yahoo 360, AND anglefire! Yep, I'm a bloging fan! lol! Daddy got his Kidney and he's doing great! But the finacial stuff is putting us in a bind, I'm looking for a job here in town. Since dad's not working, thats about $800 every two weeks we don't get anymore. Daddy is suppost to be going back to work in Aug. but I don't know if he will be of any use since he has no muscle mass in his body from laying in the bed for the past 2 months strait! I hope you will keep him in your prayers! God knows he needs it! And if it ain't too much to ask for, remember me too! Its really rough right now and I need all the help I can get! Well, hope to see you soon! Love you lots! Chelsea!

Genea said...

Hey Julie, It's GENEA. I saw Caleb today at the Family Reunion, He is sooooooo cute. he didn't remember me at first but then we played, and played and played. He is soooo cute. I love him. I just got in my twirling unif0rms for this year. THey are soooo cute.