Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Caleb has met his first "love!" Her name is Audrey, and she's one of our neighbors. She's a pretty little girl, and she'll be 2 in a couple of weeks. They were playing together on the playground last night, and it was so sweet! Caleb kept going up to Audrey and hugging on her! He loves the women! I think he was trying to impress her, too, because he kept running around with his chest all puffed out and speaking his little "Caleb-ese" sentences! They had a good time together. My poor son, however, was not exactly fashion conscious in his diaper and tennis shoes! He didn't seem to mind! Then he decided to become a little exhibitionist. He decided he was tired of wearing his diaper and just took it off....twice! The first time I was right there and caught him, but the second time he got it off and started running around the playground in just his shoes! It was funny whenever he saw Audrey's daddy talking to Chris, he immediately covered himself up with his hands! Where did he learn that one???? We decided then that it was time to go in and get bathed and ready for bed. He'd done enough craziness for the day! Before we left, though, he had to go over to Audrey and hug on her some more and tell her "Bye!" Is this indicative of what I'm in for later on??????

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