Tuesday, August 22, 2006

back to school

I had orientation today for my grad school. It was actually very informative. Since the whole thing is online, it was really helpful to learn where all my resources are. I even ran into a couple of people I know! It was also freshman orientation day, and I didn't know so many 10 year-olds are starting college now! The freshmen look so young! It's really disgusting that I was that young looking fish 10 years ago. I made the mistake of thinking I'd just run by the cashier's office on my lunch break to pay my tuition. WRONG! Stinkin' long lines....I finally got everything paid for and got my books. God is really good.....I got a great grant for my classes, and I ended up not needing 3 of the books I had reserved. So, my cost was greatly decreased. Praise God!

Caleb's being good tonight. Last night he was such a grumpy dude. He didn't get a good enough nap, but he didn't want to go to bed either. What a whiny baby! He's sweet Caleb tonight. (Dual personality I guess!) He's been loving on me and playing so well. I even got a little reading done for my class while he played all by himself! Chris got called into work, so it's just us right now, but he should be back soon. Caleb told me he wanted to play with Daddy a little while ago. He's gotten to where he really loves wrestling. He'll push Chris like he's knocking him down, and Chris will just fall over and make a big deal of it, and Caleb just jumps on him and laughs. It's so cute. He also likes being Superman. Chris holds him up, and Caleb stretches out his arms and legs and yells, "UUUPERMAN!!!" Too cute!

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