Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Chris and I have started reading Caleb a Bible story every night before bedtime. Caleb loves it when we all pile on his bed and read the story. It's really sweet. We'll tell him it's time for his Bible story, and he'll start smiling and, heading to his bed, saying, "BIBLE!" It's too cute! Last night he was more interested in pointing at the pictures andtelling us what was in them than listening to Daddy read, so I took his hand and told him to hold Mommy's hand while Daddy read his story. I guess he thought it was prayer time (since we hold hands while we say prayers), and a minute later he said, "AMEN!" How sweet is that? When it was actually time to say prayers, we told him to bow his head and close his eyes. He got the bowing part down, but I sneaked a glance while we were praying, and he had his head bowed but looking back and forth between Chris and me!

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