Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Chris is a terrible procrastinator! He had a paper due for his class that he took last month but lost the date it was due. It was due yesterday! So, he while he was picking up Caleb from his grandmother yesterday, she offered us some supper. He called and told me and said that we would just have to get going after I finished eating so he could do his paper. Did this happen??? NO! We sat around and talked, then walked down to his uncle's house, and talked at Nana's some more! What a procrastinator! While we were down at Tony's, I was talking to Chris's aunt and cousin about starting back to school, and we were out by the pool. Chris and Caleb had gone with Tony to bottle feed the baby calf, which Caleb LOVED! When they came back, he wanted to get in the pool, and got so mad that I would only let him dip his feet in! What a fussy britches! Then when we got back up to Nana's, he decided he needed to slide. So, he would slide and run over to us and tell us about it and run back and slide. It was too cute!

We finally got home with enough time to bathe, play a little, and go to bed. All this while Chris was finally working on his paper. Luckily, it didn't take too long for him to finish. I went to bed right after Caleb and fell asleep watching a movie, and Chris came and woke me up to proof read his paper. The things I do for the man I love! I'm glad it got we're almost ready for the fall semester!

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