Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Monkey Man

Caleb's a little monkey! One of our friends dropped by last night to visit, and at the time Caleb was playing well in his room. When someone knocks on the door, he comes running. He has this new thing with shutting a door (like to the bedroom or something) and knocking and waiting until I tell him to come in. Then he shoves open the door and announces himself. It's really too cute. But now he's into this whole letting people in the door thing. So when Doug came over last night, Caleb stayed in the living room. He'd go grab a toy and come back to show Doug, and he was pretty good for a while. It was pretty cute when he was "riding" on his bus. My grandmother got him some fairly large vehicles at Christmas (trucks, tractors, etc) and one was a bus. He sat on it and rode it around the living room. Too cute! Then he decided to become the monkey. He climbed onto my lap and then proceeded to climb from my lap to the armrest of the couch, to the top of the couch and back to my lap. (Our couch is against the wall) He did that about 8000 times while we were trying to visit. Luckily, he was really quiet while he was "monkeying" around!

He's also getting to that stage where he doesn't want to go to bed. We've started getting him to help pick up toys each night before we read his Bible story and go to bed. He threw a huge fit last night while we were picking up toys. He kept looking in his toy box and saying "PLAY! PLAY!" I don't know if thinks the toys are disappearing or what, but he was not happy about them getting shut up in the box. Then he got mad when we turned off the light. He was totally exhausted, but just didn't want to go to sleep. I guess we're full blown in the terrible twos!

His head is looking good. We're having issues keeping his bandage over the stitches. If we don't cover it, he wants to pick at the stitches, and when we cover it, he wants to play with the bandage! It's a no win situation, but at least the stitches come out on Friday.

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