Thursday, May 25, 2006

Come on 4-day Weekend!

Can you tell I'm glad it's Thursday? And what's even better......Monday is a holiday! So, I get a 4-day weekend! I'm not excited or anything! Not much has been happening with us this week. Caleb continues to be totally in love with tractors and "choo-choos." Every time we go out to my in-laws house or when I pick him up, he starts talking about his Papa's tractor. He's started talking in full sentences occasionally, and one he's perfected is, "I wanna ride tractor." Is he super smart or what? Of course, his Papa takes him for a ride almost daily when he's out there! When we go to church, the train tracks are across the road, and every time we pull up he starts pointing to the tracks and saying "Choo-choo!" He really gets excited when the train comes by! I guess he'll follow in his cousins' (Tim and Adam) footsteps! I never saw anyone love trains like they did!

We were out at church late last night. One of our boys asked to talk with Chris, and Chris led him to the Lord! YEAH! We've been praying for that kid. So, after Chris finished talking, we stopped by his parents' house for supper. (I love it when my mom-in-law cooks on Wed. nights!) By that time, it was getting late, and they asked if Caleb could "sleep in the middle." That's their special place for the grandkids-right between them! Of course, we didn't mind because that meant we didn't have to turn right around and come back this morning! So, I got an extra 30 min. sleep this morning. And you all know how I love my sleep! I do miss my little man during the week, but like I said, I've got 4 days with him now! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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