Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sand Angels

When I went to get Caleb last night, he was covered head to toe in sand! My 5-year old niece, Emily, was "helping" my mother-in-law watch him yesterday, and they were playing outside. Emily decided it was time to teach Caleb how to do "sand angels!" He, of course, followed everything she did because he loves playing with "Mimmy." I'm told he just rolled around in the sand! Obviously, he had a blast! Caleb loves it outside. I don't think I'll have issues getting him out to play! He had to have a bath before I'd put him in the car!

His latest thing is not wanting to go to bed. He's already learned that, "Mom, one glass of water" thing. You know how we used to ask for just one more glass of water before bed because we were sooo dehydrated? Well, Caleb now, every night while we're doing the bedtime thing, says, "Mama! Wanna cracker." He'll repeat and repeat, even though there's no way he's hungry! He does that every night! I think he's started early! Lucky for me, Caleb wanted his daddy last night when it was bedtime. That NEVER happens! He thinks he needs to cuddle with me before he can go to sleep. But not last night! Chris loved it because Caleb so rarely will cuddle with him. Daddy has become the person who plays with him, not the one to cuddle with! So, Chris and Caleb had some good bonding last night. And...I got to watch the rest of the movie I'd started!

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