Monday, May 01, 2006

Long Weekend

I get spoiled when I have long weekends! I took Thurs. off to spend some time with Chris and Caleb. We had a good day even though we didn't accomplish much! I even got to spend some time pampering myself! I had a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure, and it was fantastic! Of course, within 5 minutes of being home, Caleb stepped on both of my big toes and smudged the pretty flowers they put on my toes! Oh well, they look a little wilted now, but it's still nice. I think I should do that once a month!

I got in some girly bonding time on Friday. I went to Canton with my mom, aunt, and one of Mom's friends. It was a fun day.... and stress-free without Caleb! Chris and Caleb had some manly bonding time while I was gone. Canton was crowds, great weather, and of course great shopping!

The whole weekend was pretty lazy. So nice! It seems we haven't been home in forever! I had a great time playing with my little man and spending some time with my honey! Caleb is too cute as usual. We went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart last night after church. When we walked by the toy section, Chris saw one of those Power Wheels 4-wheelers out. He put Caleb on it, and he loved it! Once he figured out how to press the gas pedal, there was no stopping him! Chris had to handle the steering, and they went all over the toy section. He had so much fun. Of course, getting him off the 4-wheeler was not so fun!

Now it's back to work! Have a great week!

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