Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've finally made it to Wednesday, and I am completely unmotivated! (Like I'm ever really motivated!) I'm already thinking about getting tomorrow over with! I really need to work on this attitude towards my job!

Anyway, we've had a pretty event-free week so far, which is a good thing in my opinion! Caleb and I had a good time last night while Chris was in school. We talked on the phone with my mom. Caleb was so cute; he would say "Nana! Nana!" and then hold the phone really close and listen to her talking. Then he tried to give her kisses through the phone! How sweet! Of course, Mom said she'd like some real kisses from her favorite grandson! We'll see her this weekend, so she can get her fill of him then!

This morning Caleb was wide awake after I put him in the car. He usually goes right back to sleep. Today he talked to me the whole time. "Car.....truck.....cow" and lots of other stuff I couldn't quite understand! I took him to Chris's Nana's house for the morning, and he just loves it there. She "super spoils" him! She lines up all the toys for him to play with and takes him out to see the dogs and the cows. And, she feeds him anything he wants! If he stayed there too much, he'd be a little porker! They were out checking out the dogs when I left him this morning, so I'm sure he's having a great time! I guess that's the great-grandmother's really, really spoil the grandbabies!

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nana said...

Of course, if you'd come on Thursday night, I could have even more kisses!!! Looking forward to seeing the little darling......oh yeah, and you & Chris, too!